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September 13, 2017


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Google’s New ‘Panoramic’ Dashboard For Adwords

Google has rolled out a brand new custom dashboard for Adwords users, which is completely customisable to suit your business needs. The update provides a panoramic view of all your important data, so you can track progress, generate reports, monitor insights and identify new opportunities with ease.

Ch-ch-changes… The Biggest Updates To PPC This Year

As technology advances, so does the way we advertise, and it’s the early adapters who get the clicks.  From big Bing Ads changes to Google changing up audience targeting and UI, 2017 has seen huge progress in PPC.

Search Engine Land nicely sums up the biggest developments in PPC so far this year. In this ever-evolving industry, it pays to keep up to date with the latest news when it comes to Pay-Per-Click ads.

Google Updates AMP With Slick New Features

Google has announced several Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) updates which include scrolling animations, an improved responsive-navigation sidebar, support for video analytics, fluid ad support and improved targeting features!

The updates promise a slicker consumer experience and more in-depth analytics for advertisers. Check out the updates in a little more detail here.

Scrolling animation:

Google Hits Close To Home With Hyper-Local “Community Updates”

Google is bringing communities together with the newly introduced ‘community updates’ feature. Found under the ‘local’ tab in Google News, you can keep up to date with news relevant to your location. News will be pulled from websites with localised content like regional publications and location specific bloggers, who produce content relevant to a locale. Think your site fits the bill? Apply for inclusion on Google Community updates here.

Important New Google Update Aims To Drive Subscriptions To News Publishers

The search giant has announced plans to roll out a whole new suite of tools to help online news outlets boost their subscription revenue.

The update means the end of the ‘First Free Click’ model and the introduction of ‘Flexible Sampling’. Going forward, publishers will be allowed set limits on how many articles readers can see for free. The change comes after entering into talks with leading media outlets News Corp and The New York Times to discuss how to boost publisher revenue.

“If the change is properly introduced, the impact will be profoundly positive for journalists everywhere and for the cause of informed societies,” said Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp. Watch this space.

3 Deadly Sins Of Local SEO and How To Avoid Them

It’s true that playing the SEO game can increase business leads, but it can also be a minefield for your small business. Just one misstep, and you drop could to the bottom of Google’s rankings. have put together some valuable tips on how to avoid getting killed by Google.

Local SEO 101: Creating Effective Content For Local SEO

Forbes takes the guess work out of Local SEO and runs down the basics of how to use Local SEO to boost your brand and how to create the best local content that really engages your audience. You’re going to want to bookmark this one!

Twitter (Finally) Doubles Character Limit to 280

Keyboard warriors rejoice! Micro-messaging platform, Twitter, has started pilot testing the new extended character limit of 280, to allow users to express themselves to the fullest.

Up until now, Twitter only allowed users 140 characters per tweet, causing headaches among social media managers who were trying to cram a blurb, link and hashtag in the one tweet.

Officially, Twitter says the change is to accommodate for English speakers who need more characters to express ideas to their fullest, unlike languages like Chinese and Japanese speakers who need fewer characters.

Lights, Camera, Action… Vimeo Goes Live!

In a bid to compete with the likes of Facebook, Periscope and Instagram, video hosting service, Vimeo has launched Vimeo Live. Similar to other live streaming services, Vimeo Live will also offer a live commenting bar for viewers to interact with your content in real time.

The live-streaming service will differ to its competitors, in that it will not be a consumer-level service and will cost $75 per month to use. However, with the premium price-tag comes premium features like HD 1080p live video quality and according to CEO Anjali Sud, will bring “a new level of quality, convenience, and craft to this evolving medium”. Want to test it out? Visit the Vimeo website for more information.

You Can Now Cross-post Instagram Stories To Facebook

With Facebook’s relatively redundant ‘Stories’ feature proving itself to be a flop, the company has now allowed users to post their Instagram Stories to their Facebook profiles. A spokesperson from Facebook told TechCrunch, “You now have the option to share your Instagram Stories to your Facebook Stories. We’re always working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.”

Testing began in Portugal last month, with the feature slowly being rolled out in the US, UK and Europe. Soon everyone can avail of the feature, with the exception business accounts, who don’t yet have the option of using Facebook Stories.

Snapchat Team With Jeff Koons To Launch AR Art Installation Project

The team at Snapchat have done it again! Starting as a humble image sharing platform, Snapchat changed the game with its ground breaking augmented reality capabilities, and then again with the introduction of their wearable tech, Snapchat Spectacles.

Now, Snapchat aims a little higher brow by getting into the art game and launching the AR Art Installation Project. Much like the Snapchat dancing hotdog, users will be able to view virtual sculptures from famous artists through Snapchat.

Already, Snapchat have teamed up with world-famous modern artist, Jeff Koons, and have rolled out the project in Paris, Las Vegas, London and Sydney.

Building An Audience Is The Biggest Priority For Content Marketers, Says New Research

A new survey from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs reveals that 80% of content marketers feel that building a loyal audience for their clients is key to building a successful brand.

The yearly survey titled B2B Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, shows that content marketing is bringing continued success to marketers with 88% of the top-performers saying they value creativity and craft when producing compelling content.

While marketers are putting work into creating content strategies, it’s all trial and error, and they’re not as quick to cut out the content that isn’t working for them. Only 47%  of all respondents say that they try to stop ineffective activities and focus on the content that produces the best results.

See the complete report here.

Improve Content Marketing With These Must-Have Tools

Step up your content marketing strategy with these 15 must-have tools. Marketing guru Neil Patel, runs through 15 of the best tools to get the most out of your content. From platforms to track key metrics, get ideas or make your imagery beautiful, Neil has you covered.

Take Note! Content Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Keeping an eye on trends is essential to formulating a winning content marketing strategy for your brand. Marketer and Podcaster, Joe Pulizzi lives for content and has a knack for predicting what’s going to be big in the near future.

Keep your finger firmly on the pulse and read up on what content marketing trends to watch out for in 2018.

25 Promo Tactics To Get Your Content Seen

Writing compelling content for your brand is only half the battle when it comes to engaging an audience. Marketing Land has come up with 25 essential tips for getting your content out here. An absolute must-read for anyone looking to boosting their business.

7 Surprising Digital Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Did you know that Yelp is more profitable than Snapchat? AdWeek’s Christopher Heine runs through some unbelievable digital marketing stats and facts that you’ll be scratching your head over.

Google Launches Google Home Mini, An Even Smaller Web-Connected Smart Device

In a bid to compete with Amazon Echo, Google has launched it’s latest product – the Google Home Mini. The small cousin to the Google Home, the Mini is just that – a smart-speaker tiny enough to sit on your night stand. Features include voice controls and 360 sound.

With a price-tag of just $49, the Mini is a cost-effective competitor to Amazon’s Echo Dot.

How To Optimise Your Content For Voice Search

By the year 2020, a whopping 50% of all web searches will be by voice. How many times have you asked Siri for the nearest coffee place when you’re on the road, or got voice directions to a restaurant by Cortana? If you’re website isn’t properly optimised for voice search, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of the market.

See how to optimise your content so you don’t miss out on business.

A Decade of the iPhone: How Mobile Changed The Ad Game

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 10 whole years since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, a cutting edge, revolutionary piece of tech that would turn the advertising game on it’s head and paved the way for mobile advertising as we know it.

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