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Get to Grips with Google Adwords Smart Bidding

If you’ve heard great things about Google Adwords smart bidding, but were nervous to give up your trialled and tested manual bidding strategy, this article might just give you the nudge.

The team at PPC Hero had training day with Google experts, who outlined their four smart bidding options and gave tips on how you can best use them to boost conversions over the holiday period and beyond.

How to Set Up High Impact Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon PPC is becoming an increasingly popular ad platform for sellers because, comparatively, the return on investment is high. Why is this? Amazon visitors are on the site in the mindset to make a purchase – they already have their credit card in hand. Selling becomes easier because people who search for your keywords are already in the consideration or purchase phase.

Getting set up on Amazon can be daunting for a seller new to online advertising, so Jungle Scout put together a great step-by-step guide to getting started.

Promotion Extension: Google’s New Timesaving PPC Tool

Fast becoming a favourite among PPC advertisers, all Google’s new promotion extension tool requires is a simple, no hassle set up and it’s proven to yield a higher click through rate.

If you want to find out more about how you can use it for your campaigns, read this informative piece from PPC Hero on how to use it and what results are achievable.

Google launches #SmallThanks Hub For SMBs in the US, Provides Design Assets For Marketing

In a bid to help small businesses, Google has launched an excellent new initiative that generates promotional materials based on Google reviews. Any verified business can log into the #SmallThanks hub and generate posters, social media posts, stickers and more, that quote their best Google customer reviews.

“Simply search for your business name on the site, and we’ll automatically create posters, social media posts, window clings, stickers and more — based on the reviews and local love from your customers on Google,” writes Google’s vice president of marketing for Ads & Americas, Lisa Gevelber, on The Keyword blog.

Unfortunately, #SmallThanks is not yet available in the UK & Ireland.

Google Improve AMP Results By Changing Policy Enforcement

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source initiative from Google that allows website publishers to publish a quicker loading version of their website for mobile devices. After many publishers were abusing the system and using AMP for teasing customers into visiting their full desktop site (for ad revenue reasons, most likely), Google are changing their policy.

The change will come into effect in February 2018, and the new rules will state the mobile version of the page has to include the same content as the full website.

Read all about it.

Here’s Why Customer Reviews Are An Important SEO Ranking Factor

How often do you find yourself on a holiday booking website, or about to join a new gym, when you open up a new browser tab and search “[company name] review”? For many, independent third party reviews are often a deciding factor in whether or not to purchase or book with a company, so it’s no surprise that having a number of customer reviews will improve your ranking.

Search Engine Journal crunches the numbers and provides some great insights into how you can improve local SEO ranking with customer reviews.

These Are The Biggest Local SEO Trends This Year

With 2017 coming to a close, GeoMarketing takes a look at what was big in Local SEO this year and what we can expect for the future. From the rise of voice search, to reviews trumping citations, the past 12 months saw huge developments in Local SEO and how businesses reached their customers.

Take note of these trends, as they just might help you when planning your marketing strategy for next year.

New Facebook Messenger Update Allows 4K Photo Sharing

To keep up with the capabilities of the latest smartphones, Facebook have started rolling out a new update that allows you to share high-res 4K pixel images through the app. Previously, any images over the standard 2K resolution would be compressed, losing their quality.

Facebook says it facilitates the sharing of a whopping 17 billion photos via Messenger each month – and that the update is to make “your conversations richer, sharper, and better than ever.”

To avail of the new feature, simply update your Messenger app to the latest version.

Facebook To Allow Some Publishers Include ‘Breaking’ News Tag To Posts

Facebook is making it easier for users to identify news in their feeds, by allowing select publishers to add a “Breaking” tag to their posts.

It’s thought that the new option may be an effort to eradicate so called “Fake News” from users timelines, and make the most timely news stand out in over-saturated feeds.

Currently, the feature is only available to a small test group of publishers that Facebook has not disclosed.

Instagram’s Most Liked Photos Of 2017

The results are in, and it turns out that Instagram users are obsessed with celebrity babies!

Coming in at number one on the list of Instagram’s most ‘liked’ posts is Beyonce’s announcement that she was expecting twins with her husband, Jay Z. It racked up a whopping 11 million likes. Not only was this the most liked post of the year, but of ALL TIME. It even trumped her July reveal of her twins Rumi and Sir (which came in at number four!).

Two posts from Cristiano Ronaldo around the birth of his twins made it in the top five too, while a touching post from Selena Gomez about her kidney transplant came in at number three.

Facebook For 8 Year Olds? Messenger Kids is Here!

Mark Zuckerberg is a clever man indeed. For a long time, Facebook has struggled to capture the attention of teenagers, facing stiff competition from the likes of Snapchat.  Now, they’ve made a shift to an even younger market in a bid to engage the next generation of internet users.

Messenger Kids is a is exactly what it says on the tin – a kid friendly, safe alternative to other messaging apps. The service will allow young users to message friends and family by text, send images, video chat and use creative filters. Once more, the system is fully controlled by the parents. Kids can only connect with friends who are approved by their parent. Up until this point, users under 13 were not allowed use Facebook.

The launch of the service as been met with mixed reviews so far.

Are consumers becoming disillusioned with Black Friday?

Late last month, it was next to impossible to avoid Black Friday, the traditionally North American shopping holiday that heralds the Christmas shopping season.

Nearly every retailer advertised massive one-weekend-only sales that had many consumers flooding stores, and eager to spend online. In 2015, however, one company took a different approach.

Instead of offering big savings, GEI did the unthinkable and shut its doors for the day. They named it the #OptOutside campaign and encouraged consumers to spend time outdoors with their loved ones instead of causing stampedes in department stores.

In doing the exact opposite of what was expected of them, the company got unprecedented digital exposure.

The Future is Now! This is how you can use AI to boost your content strategy

Artificial Intelligence was once seen as the stuff of sci-fi movies – but it’s nothing to fear! Forbes full stack developer, Alexavier Guzman explains how AI can help enhance your marketing strategy.

In the in-depth interview, Guzman explains the benefits of using AI, but warns not to lay it on too thick and to strategically integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. Read it here.

The Spectacular Fail of Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat’s commendable first time offering to the wearable tech market allowed users to snap directly from their sunglasses, which had a built-in camera. The launch of the product was a marketing success, generating huge buzz online and Snapchat fans chomping at the bit to get their hands on a pair of the limited-edition specs. The company initially made the product available only from SnapBots placed in a select few cities and had people queuing for days to nab a pair.

However, the buzz was short-lived, as when the Spectacles went on general release, they failed to get the sales expected. But why? Here’s why Snapchat Spectacles failed.

The Silent Rise of LinkedIn and How You Can Use It To Leverage Your brand in 2018.

LinkedIn seems to have turned into a web juggernaut overnight, but in reality, the professional networking site has been gradually building up steam since it’s launch in 2003. Now with over 500 million active users, LinkedIn has become a hive of opportunity, creating billions of business connections all over the globe.

Want to know how to use LinkedIn to grow your audience and network with the tight people? This article is for you.

Want to Improve Your PPC campaign? Here’s 15 Tips.

Pay-Per-click is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing, as it has the potential to boost traffic exponentially. Sounds great, right?The value of PPC is high, but it also is easy to get wrong! To ensure you put your best foot forward, take a look at Single Grain’s tips for getting the most out of your PPC campaign.

Amplify Digital Marketing Conference

Amplify is a leading conference for digital marketers, influencers, and business owners in Ireland, where they can learn marketing skills from some of the best international and Irish digital professionals.

Amplify is hosting several workshops for digital marketers in cities all over the country – including Limerick, Belfast, Waterford and more.

Date and Location: 27th & 28th July 2018, locations TBC

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eCommerce Expo Ireland

If your company sells products or services online, then the eCommerce Expo Ireland is an absolute must-go-to event.

eCommerce Expo Ireland is a focused 1 day event where you can listen to talks from top industry experts, and even book one-on-obe consultations with speakers.

Date and Location: 17th April 2018, Croke Park Dublin

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