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30 Questions All PPC Experts Should Be Able To Answer

So you’re looking to hire some digital marketing talent to set-up your PPC campaigns? Make sure that they know what they are doing and how to achieve your businesses goals by asking them these 30 questions, put together by SearchEngineLand.

The list covers all bases, from Google and Bing ads, to Facebook and Amazon advertising.

If they can’t answer them, it might be worth looking elsewhere!

See the full list!

Bing Ads Rewards Dedicated Advertisers With ‘Fan’ Community Program

This month, Bing announced on its official blog that they frequent advertisers will have the opportunity to join their new community programme. The programme rewards “fans” for their loyalty to Bing by giving them exclusive tools news and even some extra goodies.

The announcement, posted by community manager, Frances Donegan-Ryan read, “Our goal is to build authentic connections that drive the advocacy, knowledge, and appreciation of Bing Ads. The next step for us is to launch our global Bing Ads fan program.”

If your nuts about Bing Ads, sign up on the Bing Ads fan page.

Google Releases New Site Testing Tools For Webmasters

Late in February, Google released Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator – two tools to encourage webmasters to improve the mobile experience for their visitors.

Speed Scorecard is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an easy to use tool that webmasters can use to compare their site’s speed to other companies.

As for the Impact Calculator, this shows you just how much revenue you could stand to lose by not improving your mobile page speed.

Google wrote on their blog:

A slow mobile site doesn’t just frustrate your customers, it can limit your business. In retail, we see that for every one second delay in page load time, conversions can fall by up to 20%.4 That’s why we also introduced the Impact Calculator.5 With just a few inputs, the tool estimates the revenue impact that could result from improving the speed of your mobile site.6 See how much more you stand to gain by reducing load time by two seconds versus one second.

Google announced the tools at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Google Rolls Out “Multifaceted Featured Snippets

Google has announced it’s search engine update! The tech giant has rolled out a new version of featured snippets aimed at addressed multi-intent queries. Multi-intent queries are queries which could be interpreted to mean different things, thus affecting the result.

In the official blog announcement, Google wrote, “Sometimes the words we use to ask a question are broad and there could be several different interpretations of the question. With multifaceted featured snippets, we’re able to better understand your query and recognize when there could be multiple interpretations of that query.”

See below for an example of the new feature in action.

Last month, we shared how Google would be displaying more than one featured snippet, when deemed useful. This is now rolling out live on mobile and will eventually come to desktop over time. More here:

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) 28 February 2018

Yelp Introduces New Customization Tools For Advertisers

Online business listings directory, Yelp, has offered an added feature to small businesses which allows them to choose which customer reviews and photos get highlighted in their ad campaigns.

Yelp made the announcement through their blog on March 1st, and explain the update in more detail.

By giving advertisers the ability to select which photos and reviews they would like to feature in their ad, we’re providing a unique tool that leverages the voice of a customer to promote their business. Based on our initial tests, businesses owners and marketers are loving the increased controls of Custom Ads. We’ve already seen 30% of new advertisers using this feature.

The feature, called ‘Custom Ads’ is promised to be the first of many new features aimed at enhancing advertisers user experience.

Read the full announcement over on Yelp.

How To Give Your Local SEO Strategy A Facelift

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, we can’t stress enough the importance of investing time and money into Local SEO tactics.

With a good Local SEO strategy, you could potentially drive thousands of new customers to your business, so it’s worth putting effort into!

No matter what your budget, there are steps you can take right now that will boost your local search rankings and land you some new customers. Check out this great ‘How To’ guide from Omni.

Social Sharing Has Dropped 50% Since 2015

If you’re a content marketer who has stuck to the same social media marketing tactics for the past few years – it may be time to give your strategy an overhaul!

According to a new report from Buzzsumo, social sharing has plummeted in the past few years, forcing content marketers to get creative with their strategy to keep up with the game.

Buzzsumo chose 100 million or so random posts from 2017 and compared them next to their 2015 study. The stats show that the median number of shares per post was just four, compared to eight in 2015. Experts at Buzzsumo have chalked up the findings to an increased amount of content being published on social channels, making the space more competitive.

See the full report.

Make The Most Out Of Instagram Stories

Instagram’s relatively recent ‘Stories’ feature allows personal and business accounts to publish ‘disappearing’ content that is visible for 24 hours. Instagram Stories not only allows the use of images and video but also offers extra customization like text overlays, GIF stickers, augmented reality lenses and cool filters.

Many brands have already seen the potential to boost engagement in Instagram Stories and have made some seriously creative content that has had big results.

Reach more potential customers by investing a little time in Instagram Stories to get more exposure for your brand. Get some vital tips from Social Media Examiner in their latest podcast, “How Businesses Can Make The Most Out of Instagram Stories”.

Twitter Cracks Down On Bot Spam From Multiple Accounts

Twitter has announced are going to put a stop to bots and automated tools to publish content in a bid to stop “identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts.”

The new regulations will also stop multiple accounts retweeting and liking tweets en-masse, resulting in newsfeeds clogged up with spam.

Check out the video below, where SocialMediaExaminer contributors discuss the changes in detail and how it will impact the platform.

2017’s Most Important Video Marketing Stats (Infographic)

Video is without a doubt the most valuable form of content you can make. If you have not already invested time into creating compelling content, check out these stats mind-blowing stats from

Click image to enlarge.

Take Infographics To The Next Level With These Handy Tips

Infographics are a staple of content marketing (as evident above!). If done well, they can illustrate boring number heavy data into a clear, concise and digestible piece of visual content that can be shared on social media or on your website.

Having said that, with so many content marketers turning to infographics, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

Check out these great tips from Content Marketing Institute on how to make your designs more attention-grabbing.

Retailers With Mobile Shopping Apps Get Most Sales From Mobile

For retailers with successful apps, a majority of e-commerce sales come from mobile. According to Criteo’s latest commerce report, conversion rates on shopping apps are triple that of mobile browser rates!

But why? While it’s true that the user experience may better in bespoke shopping apps – such as the check out process. But it may also partly be because those who download and use retail apps are more loyal and inclined to buy from those retailers in the first place.

Check out more stats from the report over on

How Will GDPR Impact Online Advertising

With GDPR coming into effect on May 25, many advertisers are worried that the new regulations will impact their digital marketing. Brian Gaynor from PPC Hero gives his opinion on what GDPR will mean for advertisers, and how to prepare for it.

Check out the article here.

On-Demand Webinar: Post-Click Tips For Seamless Conversions

In this webinar, Instapage’s Taylen Peterson and Hanapin’s Samantha Kerr team up to give you pro tips on improving your post-click experience and increasing conversions.

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