Irish Brands That Are Mastering Storytelling


July 3, 2017


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We’re Irish, so storytelling is in our blood. Which of us hasn’t gone to the pub after work for ‘just the one’ only to end up still there, hours later, spellbound by the stories flying round.

We’ve been telling stories as far back as the seanchaithe, and the art has developed through the ages, always staying true to the core principles of people and place. Many software solutions such as Contently (you can check out their website here if of interest) have emerged to help brands get the word out about their products and services. A great story is one that gets people thinking and talking.

Here are some Irish brands that know a thing or two about telling a good story.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus has played an important part in Irish lives since its foundation in 1936. It has helped families create memories of summer holidays abroad and allowed people explore the world, before bringing them safely home.

This has provided a natural bank of amazing stories about people who have travelled with them over the years.

One of the airline’s most cheering campaigns – and one guaranteed to pull on the heartstrings – is ‘Bringing People Home for Christmas’. This campaign is powerful because so many can relate to it. The economic downturn of 2008 split families up as husbands, wives, sons and daughters were forced to emigrate in search of work.

Aer Lingus’ Christmas stories give people hope of a reunion with their loved ones at Christmas, no matter how long they’ve been apart.


The Guinness brand is well known around the world for all the right reasons. Since its establishment in 1759, it has embedded itself in the national psyche and generated memories for many.

The brand’s storytelling genius lies in its focus on people. ‘Behind Every Great Horse’ is a powerful story about people’s hard work and dedication to something they love. It emphasises that nobody is born the best but can achieve mastery by refusing to give up.


Dairygold has been a fixture in Irish fridges for the past 30 years. Whether it’s slathered on that morning slice of toast or melting on a warm scone with afternoon tea, we reach for the small gold carton. This year Dairygold launched a touching campaign, #MakeaMinute. The campaign focuses on our busy lives and how we seem to ‘spend more minutes looking at the screen than at the people we love’.

The campaign asks people what they would do with an extra minute. In a world where it seems every moment of our day is occupied, Dairygold is giving us one minute to do whatever we like.

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust produced one of the most moving ads in their #specialsomeone campaign. Dogs Trust was established in Ireland in 2005 with a mission to ‘bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction’.

The #specialsomeone campaign focuses on a dog’s long wait for their special someone but also the joy they feel when someone comes along and offers them a new home.

It’s a story that reminds people of the importance of kindness.

Brennan’s Bread

Brennan’s Bread has been a staple in Irish kitchens since their first loaves were baked more than 45 years ago. They’ve never tired of telling us how ‘Today’s bread today’ has brightened every household. Brennan’s Bread opened our eyes to the importance of dedication. When you’re dedicated to something, you don’t need rewards, medals or recognition. It emphasises the importance of doing something to make people’s day that little bit brighter.