Easy Digital Marketing Ideas For Solicitors


March 1, 2017


Digital Strategy


Marketing Professionals

All professionals should be making full use of digital marketing, and solicitors are no exception. The good news is that there’s no need to supplement your law degree with one in digital marketing.

We have come up with a few ideas that will help any law firm kick-start its digital marketing drive.

Paid Search

Focus firstly on paid search advertising. Law firms should appear in Google’s top results if they want to beat competitors to new business.

Here are a few tips for setting up a straightforward AdWords campaign:

Display Advertising

Another part of paid advertising is display. It differs from search in that it includes image ads, banners, videos (along with text ads) – with the added advantage that your ads will appear on relevant websites.

You can target by:

Display usually generates fewer leads and conversions but lots of impressions so if raising awareness is your main objective, it’s ideal. If you’ve just launched your practice, for example, display is the way to go.

Focus on Mobile

Predictably, mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches. It is increasingly important in today’s mobile-first world to target mobiles accurately, and advertising on mobiles is hugely relevant for law firms. People tend to search for solicitors while on the go so if your website is not mobile friendly, now is the time to optimise it to avoid losing potential clients.

Social Media

Solicitors are trained communicators so you have no excuse for neglecting social media, a great – and inexpensive – way to engage clients. Posting updates is easy once your accounts have been set up. Facebook is a great tool for getting information on, and reaching, potential clients. Target them by interests and demographics, location, age and gender – all important considerations for a local law firm. Don’t forget to optimise your Google+ page with your business name, contact number and location so that customers can find you on Google maps. Start building your law firm’s social profile now and keep potential clients up to date with your services.

Location-Based Marketing

Location is important for solicitors, as would-be clients are unlikely to drive hundreds of miles for legal advice. Bear this in mind when you set up your paid search campaigns and choose your target location accurately. Select a radius around your office so you don’t end up paying for out-of-towners clicking on your ads.


Video is a popular advertising format and YouTube is a great way to reach a large audience. It offers several advertising formats: display ads, overlay ads, skippable or non-skippable video ads, and bumper ads.

If you specialise in family law or personal injury, for example, a short video ad can have a huge impact on potential clients. It also personalises your practice if you feature in it, allowing viewers to put a face to the name.

Website and SEO

Although paid search is important, you shouldn’t focus all your efforts on it. Don’t forget about organic search, which has one huge advantage: it’s free. Now is the time to optimise your website to ensure your practice ranks high in the search results when people go searching for a solicitor online.

You needn’t grapple with Google’s complex algorithm to rank in Google’s top results. If you follow these simple rules, you will achieve better SEO results: