Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking


November 30, 2018


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Marketing Professionals

As every business knows, digital trends can change as unexpectedly as the weather and can be a challenge to stay on top of. Working alongside this, the same can be said for consumer trends; an invaluable practice evolving at a speed that all business owners want to keep up with. Everyone wants to connect with their customers as by knowing what they want and the methods they implement to get it are sure-fire ways to figure out how they can continue to meet those needs. While engagement serves its purpose, understanding your customers’ purchasing pattern is the ultimate insight in this regard. If you are using Bing Ads to promote your business on the Bing search engine, that’s where Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking (UET) comes in.

This clever tool gives you and your business a behind the scenes view. You can track where your site visitor goes and what they do after clicking on your advert. By creating this kind of tag across your Bing Ads campaign suite, it will be beneficial in terms of tracking conversion goals as well as how you can use them. Not only that but by having recorded data on these patterns means a step in the right direction when it comes to additional marketing techniques. For example, the setting up of remarketing audiences through Bing Ads.

Taking this a step further, let’s look at how this can aid your business when it comes to tracking return on investment. Bing Ads UET goes one further than conversion goals, by allowing a business to apply a specific revenue value to each goal, this is particularly relevant for ecommerce businesses. This can also be applied to the destination URL and in both cases is known as reporting variable revenue. In order to implement this process, you will need to have a JavaScript UET tag as well as a conversion goal and the ability to edit code. You can find a step by step guide here which will take you through the setup of variable revenue tracking in your Bing Ads account as well as developing your websites UET tag tracking code.

Setting up

A clever way to use this tool is by combining it with Google Tag Manager (GTM) if you are using GTM already. This tool allows the tracking of tags across one interface. Not only does this simplify the process overall but allows, in most cases, complete configuration. When it comes to setting up Bing Ads UET through GTM, you must first set up the UET tag where you name it, description is option add the tracking code and so on. This is followed by the Global Bing Tag within in it which again you name, choose the Bing Ad UET option to connect them as well as few other simple steps. Then it’s on to tracking the conversions. Depending on how you already do this, you may have to use conversion events. You can find a detailed account of how to get it up and running here and you’re off.

After all of that, you can check out if it’s working with the help of a simple Chrome extension known as UET Tag Helper. This will allow you to validate the tag in real-time identifying rapidly if it’s working or if there are difficulties, you can troubleshoot it. You can download the extension here and get the process underway. There is a 24-hour waiting period after this before you can get checking. It works on a simple colour coded system similar to traffic lights which will identify if there are any issues with the tags. For example, green means the tags on the webpage are working, yellow means they are working correctly but there is room for improvement while red means there are problems with the tags on the website and need to be fixed. There is also a no badge symbol which indicates that there are no tags at all. If you thought you had them implemented and this pops up, then they have not been added correctly as they have not been recognised so it’s just a case of reviewing your process against the guidelines again.

When it boils down to it, a website is a business’s shopfront in the digital marketplace. One of the big differences between this and the real life, person to person store, is you cannot ascertain off hand or indeed track in depth the practices of your customers. Where online is an option, in many cases, there is a greater pool of activity to understand; not just by demographics but indeed location. By applying Bing Ads UET, it provides your business with the opportunity for greater customer insight and how best to utilise their practices on your site whether it’s from signing up for offers or purchasing goods and services. It’s a no-brainer knowledge tool that can help point your business in the right direction.