Best Branded Instagram Videos To Inspire You


March 10, 2018


Social Media


Digital Specialists

According to a tubular insights report, video will account for 70% of all mobile traffic by 2021. Following the impact of social media apps and mobile search, teens are spending 50% less time than they used to watching traditional TV and 85% longer watching video on smartphones.

Is it any wonder brands are turning to image and video-based platforms such as Instagram?

Here’s a list of the brands making best use of Instagram video:

Ben & Jerry’s

When Ben & Jerry’s springs to mind, the picture of a giant tub and spoon comes with it. But with its Instagram account, the popular ice cream company is showing followers tasty treats they can make using their favourite ice cream flavour.

For example, at Halloween they posted ‘How to Make Witch’s Brew Float’.

It also shares interesting facts about the company. For example, have you ever wondered what happens to all the ice cream flavours that go out of production? The company uploaded a video introducing the ‘Flavour Graveyard’, a place where old flavours are laid to rest. So now you know.

Ben & Jerry’s is good at Instagram because it is creative. There are only so many ways to show a hand holding a cone or a tub but it manages to use Instagram to show its products in unique ways.


Lego’s Instagram is all about creativity. The brand is posting some seriously imaginative and engaging content, and 1.5m followers on the platform are loving every bit of it.

Lego’s Instagram account is all about Lego characters and figures.

Here’s Lego Batman introducing his OWN Instagram account

Here’s a Lego tutorial on ‘How to Build a Dinosaur’.

Lego Star Wars videos always go down well. Here’s one of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker having a snowball fight.

Lego is good at Instagram because it provides good stories, lots of laughs and useful information. While its videos promote the Lego products, they’re presented in such a creative and humourous way that people love watching and sharing them.


NASA’S Instagram account exists to evoke curiosity and wonder. And it really is out of this world. Just take a look at the videos it shares.

NASA uses Instagram to promote its work. Its Instagram account works well not only because it shares visually spectacular videos and images, but because it educates its followers. Each post comes with an explanation that’s easy to understand.

NASA’s use of Instagram is inspirational because it doesn’t just post beautiful images and videos and leave it at that. It is committed to ensuring the audience understands what’s going on in the universe.

National Geographic

Another winner on Instagram is National Geographic. Its page tells us: “Life is an adventure – enjoy the ride and the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.” And true to their word, their feed is a collection of stunning images and videos from around the world, dedicated to nature and its beauty.

Similar to NASA, National Geographic uses its Instagram feed to educate the audience, to open their eyes to nature and different cultures. Portraits of animals, landscapes and citizens of the world populate its feed. And each post comes with an informative caption.


Movies, products, theme parks, characters and historical photos… with this inventory of content it’s no surprise that Disney is succeeding on Instagram. Its feed is full of childhood wonder, inspiration, positivity and humour.


Oreo uses Instagram to promote its products in creative ways. The brand does a great job at inspiring people to eat its biscuits, while showering them with positive vibes.

You’ve accidentally cracked the screen on your phone – do you wallow in self-pity? Probably. Well, Oreo gives you something to turn that frown upside down.

Looking for a new way to consume the products? Again, Oreo has you covered.

Who knew eating sugary treats could be such fun.

Wrapping it up

The brands mentioned are killing it on Instagram because their content ticks all the boxes. It’s funny and informative, tells a story, and shows new ways of doing things.

Their accounts are active but they don’t bombard followers. They may post a couple of times a week, instead of daily, keeping followers interested in the account and excited about content yet to come.

If you want attention, produce content that resonates with the audience. Learn from the creativity of brands already doing what you aspire to do, and always engage with your followers.