6 Reasons You Should Be Automating Your Marketing


June 1, 2017


Marketing Automation


Marketing Professionals

There are loads of tools available to help you to automate your marketing efforts, but you haven’t picked up any yet. Why not?

Some people follow the line of thinking: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and are happy with their current marketing efforts. Others are overwhelmed by the range of options available, and don’t know which one to pick. Some are just unaware of the potential of marketing automation. Whatever the reason, you should be automating your marketing, and here are just 6 reasons why:

1. Saving Time to Focus on What Matters

Marketing automation saves you time, and time is money after all. Think of all the time you and your marketing team spend creating email templates, gathering lists of potential leads, monitoring visitors, conversions and plotting data. Think of what you could be doing with that time instead.

Some aspects of marketing require flair and creativity, but other parts are just busy work that gets in the way of what you do best. With marketing automation tools, you can massively reduce the amount of time you spend by:

With all that out of the way, you and your marketing department can come up with creative new ideas, or spend more time interacting with customers and clients for better service. You can spend more time running your business instead of constantly marketing it.

2. All the Advantages of Other People’s Mathematics

One of the most ingenious parts of a marketing campaign is figuring out your mathematical best practices. What’s the ROI of different workloads and products, the most effective PPC bid or the connection between your actions and your sales figures?

Some people play it by ear, adjusting values based on what ‘feels right’ and hoping for the best. Others spend hours, days, weeks and months analysing the data to create the best estimate. Some people ignore this aspect of marketing altogether due to the time and effort required.

Using automation software gives you all the benefits of other people’s mathematical genius and hard work, for a fraction of the cost. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out the answer or just guessing at it, marketing automation tools have access to all the statistics and benefits of automated calculations to give you the answer.

Even better, with that data, your marketing tools can automatically adjust your campaigns for you, or make the best suggestions, so you don’t even need to understand higher level maths to get there. Let other people put in the hard work, and measure the results of their success.

3. There’s a Tool to Suit Most Needs

There are loads of automated marketing tools available for every purpose, business and occasion. There’s one for you, too. Finding the right marketing tool is like taking on a new employee that already has all the experience and training needed to do the job, and then some.

Whatever it is you do, and whatever you need to automate, someone has created a tool that takes into account everything you need. Perhaps you have trouble measuring certain returns because of the way you do business. Perhaps you need to be careful about who is on your email marketing lists, and who gets which email. Generic software might not take your specific needs into account.

A lot of automated software is designed with your specific business model in mind, often by people in a similar line of work. Finding the right marketing software will help you automate your marketing without having to worry about getting it wrong.

4. Fewer People Required to Run Multiple Tasks

With the right tools, a smaller team can take on a larger workload. This has plenty of advantages, such as:

Having a leaner marketing department means you have fewer people trying to communicate with each other, so mixed messages and the problems associated with them are reduced. Centralised control means that one person can do all the work themselves without being misinformed.

A one-person marketing department also means reduced training costs or ongoing costs since you don’t have to pay to train and employ an entire department, and one person can skill up faster and gain greater expertise in the marketing sphere.

Finally, you can expect greater consistency from one person once they have all the skills they need and know their job well. Without waiting on other people or dealing with crossed wires, one person with the right tools becomes an incredibly efficient member of staff.

5. Easier to Track

Automated marketing tools also come with automated measuring and reporting tools, so you’ll have an easier time keeping track of how your business is performing, and how well your marketing is working. Automated marketing tools give you better control over:

Such tools also provide a centralised platform from which to measure all this data, and adjust it to suit your needs. You won’t need to jump between multiple programs or people to find information as it’s all in one place. You don’t need to spend countless hours measuring and gathering different statistics; it’s all already laid out for you. If there’s a problem in the marketing campaign, it should be really easy to figure out what’s happened and why.

Finally, if you need to adjust your campaign based on the information you’re given, it’s easy to make the changes from the same place as you measure it, eliminating the need to flick back and forth.

6. Easy Return on Investment

Of course, the best reason to automate your marketing is so that you can get a better return on a reduced investment. Automated marketing is low cost and doesn’t take much time or effort, but you’ll see a huge increase in performance nonetheless. With an automated marketing tool you’ll:

So what are you waiting for?