12 Reasons Digital Advertising Is A Winner


December 2, 2020


Digital Strategy


Digital Specialists

Digital advertising is one of the best ways to shape your online presence, improve your online performance and increase your profits. It offers flexibility, targeted campaigning, greater ROI and more customers, all at once. Here are 12 things digital advertising will do for your business.

1. Visual Advertising

Digital advertising makes use of images and videos to grab people’s attention.

On social media, posts with images have a higher engagement rate than plain text. Articles with pictures perform better than articles without. In general, people are drawn to attractive visuals. Digital advertising lets you take advantage of visual media to enhance your conversion rate, using pictures and videos to grab attention when people are most likely paying attention.

2. Targeted Audience

Digital advertising allows you to decide who sees your adverts based on demographics.

Some people are more likely to buy your product than others. Different people want different things from you, so it’s a waste of time and money to advertise to those who don’t care. Digital advertising avoids all that, and allows you to talk directly to the people who want what you’ve got. You can target these people based on location, age, gender and even previous buying preferences, focusing only on the people who are important to you. Spend marketing money on making conversions, not just impressions.

3. Be Seen More Easily

Digital advertising puts your business in places people normally wouldn’t find it.

Unless you’re truly unique, you’ve got competition and must rise above the din to be noticed in a busy, busy world. Digital advertising helps put you in all the places people will see you, such as at the top of search engine results pages, alongside well-read articles or directly in people’s social media feeds. Beat the competition by being more visible.

4. Easy to measure ROI

Digital advertising offers a simple way to measure spend versus gain, so you can easily track your ROI.

In measuring the success of any marketing campaign, it’s important to know how effective it is in terms of how much you have spent. This can be difficult to pinpoint beyond long-term trends. Digital advertising makes it easy to track your return on investment because you can tie sales directly to budget spent. This allows you to allocate your budget more effectively to further increase your ROI.

5. Automated, background work

Digital advertising can run non-stop, 24/7, making you money while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Once you have a few campaigns set up, minimal management is required. They will work diligently in the background generating revenue as you go about your business. It is important, however, to keep an eye on your campaigns, as you’ll need to tweak and improve them depending on how your target audience responds.

6. Value for Money

Digital advertising gets results, sometimes without even spending money.

The budget you put into digital advertising stretches further than you might think, especially for social media and remarketing. Budget is spent on gaining clicks and visits to your website, but making impressions often costs nothing. Bidding money doesn’t always mean spending it, but can still lead to being seen by the right people in the right places at the right times, essentially gaining valuable, virtual real estate for free.

7. Direct people where you want them to go

Digital advertising allows you to determine what people see about you, and where they see it.

You want your audience to see the best of you, and digital advertising achieves that. Not only are you specifically targeting the subsection of people who are interested in what you offer, you’re directing them to a part of your website that speaks to them directly. Digital advertising makes it easy for you to show your audience exactly what you want them to see, exactly when they want to see it.

8. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Digital advertising makes it easy to adapt your strategy and increase the percentage of people who go on to buy from you.

When you know where your audience is coming from, who they are, what they want and where they’re going, it’s easy to optimise their journey. Not only can you design an optimal journey that ticks all the boxes, you have better ways to measure results, and an easier time analysing those results to build it better next time.

9. Greater Reach

Digital advertising increases the number of people who see your business.

Digital advertising puts you in front of people who may not otherwise have seen you, and people who might not even have been looking until now. By giving you more places to display your business, it increases your reach, as well as the number and quality of new customers to target.

10. Quicker Response Times

Digital advertising allows you to respond to important market changes.

The online world is constantly changing. People react faster than ever to new and current events, and new trends become apparent as old ones fade away. Digital advertising is the best way to stay on top of trends, keeping ahead of the slower pace of general audience needs. Take advantage of the ability to completely alter your marketing campaign at the drop of a hat to stay relevant.

11. More Data to Analyse

Digital advertising offers you all the data you need to learn from your marketing and improve it as you progress.

If there’s one thing that makes a marketing campaign successful, it’s knowing what works and what doesn’t. Digital advertising offers you all the information you need to make intelligent decisions based on the performance of your adverts and the actions of your customers. You can constantly change what you’re doing to optimise performance over time, in an ever-improving loop. All forms of digital advertising generate data of this kind. Make sure you put it to good use.

12. Flexible

Digital marketing offers unmatched flexibility, with the ability to alter strategies at a moment’s notice.

Digital advertising is flexible, to meet your needs. There’s no waiting for big changes to be made and nothing is set in stone. If you have a new product or service, it’s easy to re-assign budget to promote it. If trends change, you can adapt your marketing to take advantage of them. If something isn’t working well, or is working exceptionally, you can reposition yourself to make the most of it. There’s no sense of ‘launch the campaign and hope for the best’ in digital advertising. You can always adapt what you’re doing, and drop any parts that are wasting time and money.