10 Ways to Save Money on Google Shopping


December 4, 2022




Marketing Professionals

Digital marketing agencies live and die by the digital audit, and our own agency is certainly no exception. Nailing the breakdown of a potential client’s current strategy and where the opportunities lie hidden is essential to structuring any successful pitch. Recently, we’ve noticed a worrying trend among many of the Ecommerce companies that we’ve assessed:

They all waste a lot of money on Google Shopping.

We aren’t even suggesting the usual marginal overspend on say brand awareness campaigns that don’t push conversions. We’re talking excessive investment into products that haven’t converted in months, or sometimes ones that have never converted at all. And these products all rub elbows with the highest converters, with not a single bit of variance in the strategy.

Not to worry though, we’ve pulled together a list of 10 best practices for
avoiding waste on your Google Shopping campaigns.