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Giving Marketing Strategy a Complete Makeover

We modernised Thérapie Clinics and Optilase’s digital marketing using next-level tactics to help them lead the way in the health and beauty space.

Philip McGlade
Owner Thérapie Clinics & Optilase

We have been working with Tinderpoint for 2 years. From our first quarter working with them, we found that they had a good grasp of our fast paced and leads-driven digital needs, which had previously been managed in-house by various team members of the years. Tinderpoint took over management of our activity for both businesses, streamlining and expanding our campaigns. As we are always testing various seasonal offers, we needed a team who understood that testing and reporting was integral to our marketing efforts. Tinderpoint guided us on split testing ad copy and landing pages for our seasonal offers and we gained great insight into our seasonality.

The brief

Thérapie Clinics are Ireland’s largest provider of beauty treatments with 15 clinics across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Optilase are a sister brand, providing cutting edge laser eye surgery across 10 locations on the island of Ireland.

Both brands needed an experienced digital marketing partner to optimise and expand their search campaigns given the growth in demand for their services and UK expansion plans. Prior to this, all digital activity had previously been managed in-house.

What we did

Having had a previous client experience in the health and beauty space, Tinderpoint was able to draw on our extensive experience to maximise coverage online. Our first step was to overhaul the campaigns built and managed by various folks over the years, and apply some consistency and strategy to the search campaigns for both brands. We brought campaigns in line with our proven methodology and structure, introduced new creative, enabled new features and expanded search coverage via Bing Ads. As Thérapie’s offers changed frequently, it was important to underscore the USPs of these offers and create a sense of urgency around theses time-sensitive offers. Landing page split testing was a core element of the PPC campaigns as offers were often rotated throughout the year and used again.