1. Includes everything in Intermediate
  2. Set up predictive metrics in GA4
  3. Create Predictive Audiences in GA4
  4. Set up Ecommerce Tracking in GA4
  5. Set up Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking in GA4
  6. Set up Sales funnels in GA4
  7. Export data from GA4 to BigQuery
  8. Track Single Page Apps in GA4
  9. Create UserId properties in GA4
  10. Create Custom Dimensions and Metrics

Note: GA4 setup for simple brochure sites with less than 30 pages is €500

  1. Includes everything in Basic
  2. Set up GA4 Custom Events
  3. Rename Events in GA4
  4. Use the debug view report in GA4
  5. Set Up Goal Conversion Tracking in GA4
  6. Setup Content Grouping in GA4
  7. Create custom insights in GA4
  8. Create remarketing audiences in GA4
  9. Build comparisons (advanced segments)
  10. Create custom audiences in GA4
  11. Create Audience Triggers in GA4
  12. Upload data from external data sources via GA4 Data Import
  1. Set up Enhanced Measurement Tracking
  2. Activate Google Signals for your GA4 property
  3. Exclude internal traffic in GA4
  4.  Connect your GA4 property with Google Ads
  5. Set Up (Basic) Site Search Tracking in GA4 6. Set up Scroll Tracking in GA4
  6. Import conversions from GA4 property to your Google Ads account
  7. Connect your GA4 property with Google Search Console
  8. Set up Cross Domain Tracking in GA4
  9. Connect your GA4 property with BigQuery
  10. Setup GA4 test property
  11. Setup referral exclusion in GA4