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Making social work harder for your business.

Lets Get Social

Social media marketing isn’t limited to Twitter and Facebook. The social toolkit includes blogs, user reviews, forums, niche online communities plus a wide range of networking platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to name but a handful. Why does social matter? Not only do search engines look at social references to help rank site authority, but it’s also where your customers hang out online, chat to their friends or peers, research purchases and make decisions to buy.

Social Advertising

We employ integrated social advertising plans across a wide variety of campaign types to help you reach your core audience online, target them by demographic or interest, and achieve your business goals. Use social advertising to:

  • Promote your online content (e.g. videos, eBooks, infographics, blog posts
  • Increase brand awareness among key audience demographics
  • Grow your following on social channels
  • Tie in with existing offline and online display advertising

Social Insights

The more you know about your target audience’s needs, preferences and habits, the more effectively you can reach out to them. We build successful digital campaigns based on data, user behaviour, new technologies and channels to zero in on your prospects and generate measurable ROI from social marketing initiatives.

Social Content

Building your social following doesn’t begin and end with amassing fans, followers and likes. SEO today relies on great content and even greater reach. So once we’ve created “sticky” content for your business, we promote it via social channels (in addition to online PR, display advertising and contextual search advertising), so you can build relationships, brand loyalty and social trust.