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Our SEO Process

In this business, in one way or another we're all hoping to get discovered. Search Engine Optimisation has become a minefield of cheap-tricks and outdated techniques. That said, with the right approach, SEO can work wonders in its own right.

Get found by the right people for the right reasons with TinderPoint SEO strategies.


Search Engine Love

There’s a big difference between what many companies sell as search engine optimisation (SEO) and what we do. Google will only reward you with high organic rankings and increased sales when you have earned the respect of other websites and experts in your industry. SEO is the process by which we get you this respect.

According to Google , the aim of SEO is to “Create useful, information-rich content” and “tell others that should know” that it exists. TinderPoint’s expertise and value lie at the intersection between technical SEO, content marketing and social media. To help improve your rankings, we need to ensure your site is structurally sound (a one-off exercise). We’ll then assist in the creation, repurposing and promotion of engaging, information-rich content to accelerate your ascent. To keep you at the top, we’ll help you earn the trust of website owners and experts in your industry across key territories worldwide who can reference your content.
Quality SEO = Content Marketing

Content Creation

The main cost component of SEO is creating great content. If you already have a stock of great content (most companies don’t) then SEO can be relatively quick. Otherwise, we may be able to repurpose content from existing internal or external assets rather than starting from scratch.

Content Promotion

Once you have great content, you need to tell other relevant sites about it – and not just in the UK and Ireland. So we’ll additionally target bloggers and website owners in countries such as Australia and Canada who will reference your content online, leading to higher rankings for you on Google.ie and Google.co.uk.