TinderPoint. Display, targeted.

Say “hello” to the right people in the right places.

Expand Your Reach

The closer you can get to your customers, the greater your chances of growing lasting relationships. TinderPoint display advertising programmes are intelligently formulated to engage audiences, nationally and internationally, with highly targeted and valued ads that are consumed with as much interest as content. As well as getting your message across on suitable web properties, we track and analyse activity to monitor high-level display campaign influence.

High-impact display

If you are looking to make a big splash – such as a new product introduction or brand re-launch – then high-impact display can help you reach your online audience quickly and effectively. We’ll combine tightly-defined audience profiling with precision-targeted placements to showcase your brand creatively – whether through homepage takeovers, channel sponsorships or website tenancy agreements.

Generate awareness

Get your ads in front of a highly targeted online audience via Real Time Bidding, including the Google Display Network - an extensive network of millions of websites, blogs and niche online communities. Your display campaign will combine tight distribution control with broad reach for an affordable budget. Retargeting via Google, Facebook Exchange, AdRoll and many more will help you reach warm prospects with relevant ads, transforming your display offering into a highly targeted lead nurturing campaign.

Rich media and video

As technology evolves, there’s more choice and flexibility than ever in terms of display advertising online. Entice, entertain and engage your audience for minutes - not seconds - at a time, with creative animation, games and compelling video ads. We can help you turn big ideas into big results by running your campaigns on busy, high-traffic websites to maximise your exposure.

Mobile and In-App

As mobile eclipses the desktop, you need to advertise across all platforms to reach your audience at every stage of their online journey. This opens up lucrative new possibilities in mobile display - whether they are searching for a local café via smart phone or using their favourite tablet app on a train journey. We can help you be wherever your customers hang out online, with targeted advertising on mobile websites or in-app placements.